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Here are some 2021 Wanoga Gravel highlights and Race Rules, for our English-speaking friends. 🇱🇹🇦🇹🇪🇪🇨🇿🇩🇪🇷🇺🇧🇾🇺🇦🇸🇰

Please make sure you read this information before signing up for this unique adventure.

If you have any inquiries, please let us know: przygoda(at)wanogagravel.pl


Wanoga means „wandering” in Kashubian, so we invite you for an unforgettable and wonderful Wanoga – the bike journey through Pomerania! Beautiful Kashubia, the Baltic seaside and the Tri-City area are waiting for you. All this designed as a classic bikepacking adventure.


Our paddock

Our host is Szarlota Hotel, picturesquely located in the heart of Kashubia. You can book your stay in a hotel or cottages. You don’t have to worry about the meals as well – there are two restaurants offering also vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Wanoga’s route

The race route leads through the most interesting viewpoints of Pomerania. Since it’s a self-supported race, you’ll hit mainly gravel and dirt roads. We have limited the asphalt sections to a minimum.

You will see, among others beautiful Kashubia, Bory Tucholskie National Park, epic gravel roads near Bialy Bor and Polanów. Get ready for epic views from the highest cliffs of the Polish Baltic coast. You will also face the moraines of the Tricity National Park. All this in a 600 km loop.

The beginning

The first kilometers are a great foretaste of what will await you in the next two or three days (or maybe even four – the time limit is 100 hours). You will immediately head to the Kashubian gravel and dirt roads to explore the picturesque landscapes, admire the numerous lakes and forest areas. On the border of the Wdzydze Landscape Park, there are several kilometers of a „forest cemetery” waiting for you – the route leads through forests destroyed in August 2017 during storms. You will find it hard to believe that this place used to be a dense forest dense forest back in a day!

In such a scenery you will reach the Bory Tucholskie National Park, to admire the dense, old stand for a change and enjoy the ride on gravely forest roads. It will get you to the picturesque village of Charzykowy, riding along the boulevard by the lake.

The way north

The southernmost part of the route will be behind you when you pass Człuchów County. After Lake Bielsko you will go north, heading towards the Baltic Sea. Before you reach the sea, however, there are 160 km of beautiful forests, gravel, lakes and dirt roads to enjoy. Not to make you fall asleep, there will also be single episodes where good riding technique will be needed. 

After passing Polanów, you will see old, post-German railway structures, riding along sections of the former railway. Currently, these are beautiful, gravel sections.

The route is full of little wonders, so you’ll feel close to nature while riding along small rivers or visiting Pomeranian villages.

Baltic breeze

In the town of Ustka we will provide you with an official pit-stop in cooperation with the Ustka Commune and ultradventure.pl, where you will be able to refresh or eat something, and maybe even get some sleep, if you like.

The next 100 km is a journey along the coast. It is routed so that you do not get stuck in beach sand, and at the same time stay close to the shore. You will not forget the sea panorama from the cliff for a long time … the highest cliff on the Polish coast! You will also pass another nature reserve – Słowiński National Park.

To „The City From the Sea and Dreams”

In the vicinity of Lake Żarnowieckie, you will head south to pass the „Polish Chernobyl” – that is, the non-commissioned nuclear power plant in Żarnowiec. Along the Piaśnica River, you will reach the Kashubian Tricity, to reach Gdynia – so called „The City From the Sea and Dreams”.

Gdynia will welcome you with its seaside and the 30’s modernist architecture. However, you will quickly return to where you belong – the forest. Then you will face the moraines of the Tricity Landscape Park. Being at the seaside, you will feel like in the mountains.

The last 100 kilometers

Depending on your condition, you’ll either enjoy like a child or swear like a cobbler on the last 100 km of the Wanoga Gravel route.

 A lot of elevations await you and you will face the highest hill of the moraine range of the Szymbarskie Hills, 328.7 m above sea level – Wieżyca. Only the last kilometers will give you some breath, so that you can enjoy the views of Kashubia and safely reach the vicinity of Kościerzyna and cross the finish line located in the Szarlota resort. 


To get an idea of what Wanoga Gravel is about, see the Jack Pack’s YouTube video.


Wanoga Gravel 2021 is meant to promote a healthy lifestyle and active forms of rest and recreation, as well as:

  • popularization of gravel and cycling tourism as well as spending free time close to nature,
  • promoting ecological attitudes,
  • developing a love of nature,
  • tourist promotion of Kashubia, the commune of Kościerzyna, the cities of Gdynia and Ustka as well as off-road bicycle routes within the Pomeranian Voivodeship,
  • emphasizing the values ​​of the local environment among athletes from other regions of Poland.
  1. The ultramarathon is intended for amateurs of cycling tourism with a very good physical preparation and experience gained during long-distance cycling.
  2. The right to start in the race is for people over 18 years of age.
  3. Participation in the race is voluntary.
  4. Participants start at their own risk.
  5. Each participant declares that on the race start date he or she is not under the influence of prohibited substances from the list of the Polish Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  6. Participants can help each other during the race.
  7. Any form of pre-planned outside help by people not taking part in the race is forbidden.
  8. It is forbidden to book accommodation in advance before the start of the race. You can make reservations and plan any accommodation points right after crossing the starting line.
  9. The start is possible only on bikes powered by muscles. It is not possible to start on bikes and vehicles with electric and combustion engines.
  10. All participants must be familiar with the road traffic regulations and comply with them.
  11. Participants bear civil and legal responsibility for all damages caused by them. The race organizer recommends having individual third party liability insurance.
  12. The organizer, all persons cooperating with him, as well as persons related to the conduct and organization of the race are not liable to the participants for personal, material and property damage that occurs before, during or after the race.
  13. Observing the rules of the regulations is obligatory, and each participant accepts the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 Regulations before the start by signing the Race Participant’s Declaration.
  1. The WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 bicycle race is conducted in the Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie provinces.
  2. The race will take place on May 27-31, 2021.
  3. The race will start on May 27 at 6:00 a.m. and may be divided into groups. The decision about the rolling start will be made by the organizer after taking into account the current epidemic situation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic and the applicable sanitary regulations.
  4. The race will take place regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.
  5. The time limit for all participants is 100 hours and is counted from the start of the race (simultaneous start) or the start of the competitor (rolling start). The travel time is counted from the start until the participant crosses the designated finish line.
  6. The race will be held in the formula of an bike-ultramarathon with the principle of self-sufficiency and the possibility of non-stop riding. For safety reasons, the organizer recommends rest at night and riding in daylight.
  1. The race office, the start and finish of the race as well as accommodation for some participants are located in the „Szarlota” Leisure Complex at: Szarlota 11, 83-400 Kościerzyna.
  2. The organizer does not provide accommodation. In order to book accommodation, please contact the „Szarlota” Holiday Complex directly (anna.lange@szarlota.pl, phone: +48 609 521 336) from 8 am to 6 pm.
  3. The race will take place in various terrain conditions. The route is approximately 599 km long and runs along gravel, field, forest and asphalt roads with as little traffic as possible.
  4. Participants cannot deviate from the designated route. In the event of getting lost, you should return to the route where you left it and continue the journey in accordance with the route designated by the organizer. Shortening the route may result in disqualification or a time penalty.
  5. It is allowed to leave the route provided you return at the same place where you left it.
  6. The route may have steep descents and climbs or other elements that require good gravel or MTB riding skills. In the starting message, the organizer will indicate places that require special care.
  7. We want the beauty of the route to remain in the same condition as it was before the race. Therefore, it is not allowed to leave any garbage on it, destroy nature, pick plants or intentionally disturb the peace of animals. The participants of the race should respect the natural environment, therefore they are asked not to trash the route. Proven cases of throwing rubbish or trash on the route outside the designated places will result in disqualification.
  1. Each participant will be equipped with a GPS transmitter provided by the organizer, which will monitor his position on the route throughout the race.
  2. Tracking the position of the competitors will be possible via the race website and will be open to all users.
  3. Each participant will be able to download the route in the .gpx file format, which can be uploaded to any device. The final .gpx file (final route version) will be provided in the startup message.
  4. Having a GPS transmitter is a condition for starting the race and classifying the participant.
  5. It is advisable, but not obligatory, to have a bib number. Placing the plastron in front of the bike will make it easier for photographers to mark participants in the photos of the race.
  6. The participant is obliged to return the GPS transmitter immediately after crossing the finish line or immediately send it to the indicated address of the organizer in the event of a decision to withdraw from the competition and leave the route before the finish line.
  7. In the event of damage or loss of the GPS transmitter, the participant will be charged by the organizer with a fee of PLN 500.
  1. On December 6, 2020 at 12:00, on the website https://elektronicznezapisy.pl/event/5352/strona.html, registration for the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 race will start. On the website www.wanogagravel.pl/zapisy there will be a direct link to records.
  2. The limit of places in the race is 400 people. In the case of great interest in participating in the ultramarathon, the organizer provides for the possibility of increasing the pool of places.
  3. The fee is divided into two tranches:
    1. Registration fee in the amount of PLN 100, required at registration, possible to be made using online payments (credit card, blik, bank transfer). This payment will guarantee your entry on the start list. The registration fee is non-refundable.
    2. The entry fee, required:
      until February 28, 2021 in the amount of PLN 200,
      for payments between March 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021 in the amount of PLN 250.
  4. Failure to pay the entry fee by March 31, 2021 will result in the removal of the competitor from the start list.
  5. In the event of a written resignation from participation in the race by May 19, 2021 (no reason for resignation is required), the entry fee is 100% refundable. Written resignation should be reported at the following e-mail address: przygoda@wanogagravel.pl.
  6. In case of the competition not taking place (e.g. due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic), the Organizer will refund the participants 100% of the registration fee and 100% of the entry fee. In such a situation, the competitor also has the right to reschedule the competition for a new date. The decision to return the funds or enter them on the start list in the new period will be made by the competitor, about which he will inform the Organizer in writing.
  1. The starter package will include:
    1. BIB with the number and assembly kit,
    2. GPS transmitter with live view and navigation using the application,
    3. basic accident insurance,
    4. a wristband entitling you to a discount on the premises of the „Szarlota” Holiday Complex and admission to the pit-stop area,
    5. gadgets from sponsors,
    6. an invitation to an integration bonfire on the day before the start of the race,
    7. deposit bags with the starting number.
  2. The starting package will be available for collection at the race office on May 26, 2021 from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm or n May 27, 2021 from 4:00 am to the start of the race. Each participant receives the package individually.
  3. Participants will be able to park their car free of charge on the premises of the „Szarlota” Holiday Complex. The availability of parking spaces is limited.
  4. A deposit will be available for race participants.
  5. After the race is over, competitors will have a designated place to change.
  6. All participants who complete the race will receive a WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 trophy, a finisher’s T-shirt, local beer and a meal.
  1. The race classification is based on electronic time tracking performed with a GPS transmitter, received by the participant as part of the starter package.
  2. Places in the general classification are determined on the basis of the real travel time of the route designated by the organizer.
  3. Competitors who: do not complete the route within the time limit (100 hrs), do not complete the route in accordance with the organizer’s guidelines, lose the GPS transmitter – will not be classified.
  4. The organizer provides the following prizes:





    700 zł

    700 zł


    600 zł

    600 zł


    500 zł

    500 zł


    400 zł

    400 zł


    300 zł

    300 zł

  5. The above prizes will be paid by bank transfer to the account indicated by the winner within 2 working days after the official competition results are announced.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to establish additional prizes in selected categories and classifications.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the regulations, any changes will be published on the website www.wanogagravel.pl

Matters not covered by these regulations are settled by the Organizer.

Piotr Wierzbowski, ul. Leśna 31/5, 81-549 Gdynia
NIP: 7122039521 REGON: 430950935

Pete +48 794 620 111
Maciej +48 502 587 512


Please read the information on the principles of personal data processing. Providing personal data by the participant, consent to their processing and consent to free dissemination of the image are voluntary, but necessary to participate in the race.

Based on Article. 13 sec. 1 and sec. 2 and art. 14 sec. 1 and sec. 2 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/56 / EC, we would like to inform you that:

1. The administrator of personal data of a participant of the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 race is Piotr Wierzbowski with headquarters in Gdynia 81-549, ul. Leśna 31/5 and contact with the Administrator’s representative is possible via e-mail: contour@wanogagravel.pl

2. The participant’s personal data will be processed pursuant to Art. 6 sec. 1 letter a) of the GDPR in order to participate in sports competitions.

3. Shared personal data of the participant are processed on the basis of the consent to the processing of personal data for the purpose of organizing and conducting the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 race, as well as for information, marketing and promotional purposes.

4. The participant has the right to access their data and the right to rectify, delete, limit processing, the right to transfer data, the right to object, the right to withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data is possible by sending a written information to the e-mail address: contour@wanogagravel.pl. The request to delete the data means resignation from further participation in sports competitions (without their processing, participation in the competitions is not possible). Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

5. The participant’s personal data will not be transferred to other entities, except for cooperating entities, only to the extent necessary to organize the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 race.

6. The participant’s personal data will be kept by the Personal Data Administrator for the period necessary to carry out the WANOGA GRAVEL 2021 race.


I consent to the processing of my personal data by the Organizer Piotr Wierzbowski based in Gdynia 81-549, ul. Leśna 31/5, for the purposes of organizing and conducting sports competitions pursuant to Art. 6 sec. 1 letter a) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27/04/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC.


I consent to the Organizer’s free use of my image for information and promotional purposes. I authorize the Organizer to record and reproduce my image using available techniques (photos, video materials). I authorize the dissemination of my image in available media, including websites. This consent is free, it is not limited in quantity, time or territory.